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10 terrific weekend shop ops2014-Aug-17

10 terrific weekend shop ops


MobShop: This roving pop up shop known for well priced vintage pieces that mix well with contemporary wardrobes returns to the Bay Area this weekend. Staged in a Wholesale Jerseys Berkeley flower nursery complete with garden paths and large white tents, the two day event offers men's apparel for the first time, as well as original works by Berkeley illustrator Shannon May.


: A slew of events and festivities surround the first SFMade Wholesale NFL Jerseys Week (see this recent Style story for more), but the Saturday pop up shop is sure to be a high point for fans of locally made goods. Apparel and accessories from names such as Rickshaw Bagworks and Mulholland will be on offer during the event alongside food and items for the home.


Kirribilla Pop Up Shop at Cake Plate: Through June 6, this local maker of pretty party dresses is in store at this Wholesale NFL Jerseys Napa boutique. Pop in to view the label's latest styles, which include ruffle shouldered frocks in cheery hues.


Bazaar Bizarre: Part of the massive Maker Faire taking place in San Mateo this weekend, this bazaar devoted to the handcrafted is a veritable extravaganza of artisan apparel, accessories and items for the home. Ninety plus vendors will assemble for the event. Expect everything from, designer toys to summer scarves, screenprint tees to vintage inspired jewelry.


A Faire to Remember: This monthly fair returns to North Beach's famed Jack Kerouac Alley on Sunday for a scenic display of vendors touting vintage clothing and accessories, greeting cards and artisan food products. Making it a feel good excuse to shop, the shoe boutique donates all of its profits to the Global Fund for Women, a nonprofit working to improve women's health, education and rights around the world.


Lesley Evers Trunk Show at Bella Vita: Also on Friday, a Berkeley boutique entices with the latest from Bay Area designer Lesley Evers, whose line of sunny dresses, tunics and tops feature colorful prints and retro inspired silhouettes.


Shotwell: In preparation for its upcoming arrival in the Mission, the Union Square store is upping the ante on its ongoing moving sale (up to 80 percent off apparel and accessories) by marking down all home furnishings and plants by 50 percent through Monday.


Susan's of Burlingame: If shoes Cheap NFL Jerseys by designer labels pique your interest, the shop's current sale runs through Saturday.


: Another place to score footwear deals this weekend requires a visit to the Haight. A spring clearance sale at this shop means up to 75 percent off kicks by Cheap Jerseys Nike, Air Jordan and Hundreds through the end of the weekend.

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Rogers seeks new ad agency2014-Aug-17

Rogers seeks new ad agency


Persuasion Notebook offers quick hits on the Jaguars Marqise Lee Jersey business of persuasion from The Globe and Mail's marketing and advertising reporter, Susan Krashinsky.


Rogers Communications Inc. is shopping for a new advertising agency.


The company announced Friday that it will begin a request for proposal (RFP) for a creative ad agency to lead its branding and marketing in the communications Jaguars Blake Bortles Jersey side of the business. Where digital expertise used to be the purview of niche agencies, major brands are now demanding that their lead advertising agencies be able to understand how best to reach consumers through digital avenues, and to be able to produce ads for those media.


"Canadians are more connected online than ever before, and as a result digital is an integral part of our marketing communications strategy," Shelagh Stoneham, Rogers senior vice president and general manager of brands and marketing communications, said in a statement.


The brand's current ad agency, Publicis Canada, has been invited to participate in the pitch process to retain the account. Nine other Canadian ad agencies have also been invited to pitch for the business: BBDO, DDB, DentsuBos, JWT, KBS+P, Saatchi Saatchi, TBWA, Y and Anomaly, which is part of Miles Nadal's MDC Partners network and is the newest entrant, having opened its Toronto office last year.


Companies frequently review their advertising agency relationship in response to budget considerations, changing brand goals, or simply to shop around and ensure their current agency partner is the best fit. The last time Rogers did a review of its agency was in 2005.

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Steve Buttry writes about Yankees of yesterday and today2014-Aug-17

Steve Buttry writes about Yankees of yesterday and today


Joe Torre is a Hall of Famer finally


I actually intended to write a post sometime this year making the case for Joe Torre election to the Hall of Fame. But the Expansion Era Committee chose Torre to enter the Hall of Fame this year, along with his managing peers Tony LaRussa and Bobby Cox.


Torre was a strong candidate for the Hall of Fame as a player and probably should have been chosen on that basis, regardless of his performance as a manager. He and Elston Howard were the best catchers of the 1960s and most people who were best of their era at a position are in Cooperstown. He was a nine time All Star and most eligible players who made that many All Star teams are in the Hall. He also was MVP in 1971 (after moving to third base), leading the league in batting, RBI and hits.


No Hall of Fame catcher topped Torre career figures in all of the triple crown categories (.297, 252 HR, 1185 RBI) as well as his 2,342 hits, and each of those figures ranks in the top half of all Hall of Fame catchers. Among third basemen, only George Brett topped Torre in all four categories, and his totals again measure up as a Hall of Famer compared to the third basemen in Cooperstown. And he won a Gold Glove as a catcher, so he wasn being kept out of Cooperstown because of defensive deficiencies (though he wasn good defensively at third).


Yes, when the Yankees are playing the Red Sox, I hate them and revel in every win against them (and felt pain at this year losses). But when they not playing each other, the Red Sox are among my favorite non Yankee teams. And certainly this year, when they played classy after last year debacle and all of the nation was feeling strong, I enjoyed watching the Red Sox play and win. (I think sports get exaggerated as healing for a city, but I got caught up in the Yankees near win after 9/11, and I was glad to see Boston have this to feel good about.)


I a cancer survivor who enjoys the success of Jon Lester. I always enjoyed watching David Ortiz play (well, maybe not always; 2004 wasn so enjoyable) and enjoyed both his post Marathon exhortation and his post season hitting (and walking) binge this year.


If the Hall of Fame ever starts admitting players who been tainted in the performance enhancing drugs scandals, I probably be cheering for Big Papi to get his place in Cooperstown. The Hall of Fame needs some DH and Papi might deserve to be the first pure DH to win enshrinement.


Of course, the Red Sox hired a good manager and acquired some good players, but mostly I think this year established once and for all that Bobby Valentine is a horrible manager.


Farewell to Mo!


I blogged before about why Mariano Rivera is one of the most unique baseball players ever and why he one of the most incomparable pro athletes everin any sport.


I might not take note again of Mo retirement except for thepost by ESPN Jim Caple(I considered not linking to it here because it was pure click bait, but I believe in linking, so I did) that twisted and selectively used stats to pretend that Rivera and closers in general are overrated.


I presume Caple was not watching the post season, where was the biggest reason that the Red Sox beat the Tigers to make it to the World Series.


Here how important closers are (and specifically how important Rivera was): The Atlanta Braves of the 1990s had a strong offense, including certain Hall of Famer Chipper Jones. They hadthreecertain Hall of Fame starting pitchers in their prime (Greg Maddux, Tom Glavine and John Smoltz) and some other pretty good pitchers and players.


The Yankees of that period had Derek Jeter, a certain http://www.panthersauthenticofficial.com/authentic-kelvin-benjamin-jersey.html Hall of Famer in his prime, and some pretty good players and some pretty good pitchers (Roger Clemens would be a sure Hall of Famer if not tainted with suspicion of using performance enhancing drugs). But they didn have anything as fearsome as that Braves rotation. Except for Mo. The Braves had weak closers (until Smoltz moved to the bullpen, when the team was on the wane). And the Braves won one World Series to four for Rivera in the same stretch (and another later, when Mo was still going strong and the Braves starters had scattered).


ESPN should have higher standards than publishing ignorant click bait nonsense.


Farewell to Andy Pettitte


I noted the first time he retired that Pettitte had a strong case for being a Hall of Famer but wouldn make it. In his return to the game, he added a few wins, but he still won make it. He has more post season wins than anyone and a panthersauthenticofficial.com/authentic-kony-ealy-jersey.html better career than quite a few Hall of Fame pitchers. I reserve my Hall of Fame outrage for those who absolutely belong in Cooperstown.


But as a Yankee fan, I remember Pettitte 15 years in pinstripes fondly. He always pitched with grit and class.


Good riddance to A Rod


When the Yankees traded Alfonso Soriano for Alex Rodriguez after the 2003 season, I said I rather have Soriano over the next seven seasons (the time remaining on A Rod 10 year contract). Well, A Rod won two Most Valuable Player awards for the Yankees and finally contributed to a World Series championship in 2009 after (and before) several post season disappointments.


The Yankees won four World Series and played in six in the 10 years before A Rod arrived. They made it to one World Series on his his watch. He also had two drug scandals. That not a successful tenure, not for one of baseball best ever players on the most successful sports franchise ever.


One of A Rod most memorable moments as a Yankee was a fight he didn even start, when Jason Varitek of the Red Sox followed A Rod down the first base line after Bronson Arroyo hit A Rod, probably on purpose. A Rod didn charge the mound, but he was jawing at Arroyo on his way to first base, as many hitters do after being hit. Varitek was certainly OK to stay between the hitter and the pitcher in that situation, but if there going to be a fight here, the guy who got hit by the pitch should start it.


Amazingly, Varitek hit A Rod with both hands while still wearing his catcher mask and helmet. It was perhaps the most cowardly punch in the history of baseball fights. Can you imagine the outrage if Jorge Posada, protected by his catching gear, had taken a swing at Big Papi (or even Manny Ramirez)? But because a guy who was widely liked was swinging at the most hated player on the most hated team, Varitek was lauded for his grittiness and his leadership. It showed as clearly as anything how universal the A Rod hatred was.


And the dust up with Arroyo had an equally bizarre second chapter: In Game 6 of the 2004 American League Championship Series, A Rod hit a weak grounder with Jeter on first base and one out, with the Red Sox leading 4 2. Arroyo fielded and was reaching to tag A Rod near first base. A Rod swatted the ball away and was called safe and Jeter raced home to make it a one run game.


But after Terry Francona argued, the umpires conferred and reversed the call, invoking a weird rule I never seen cited before or since: You can knock the ball out of a guy glove with your hand. Base runners always try to kick the ball loose and you can knock the everloving crap out of a catcher (think Pete Rose) to knock the ball loose, but you can swat it. So A Rod would have been fine to run right through Arroyo, but not swat his glove.


But it was A Rod. And the Red Sox were about to sweep the Yankees on their way to breaking their supposed Curse. So there was no outrage about the stupid rule.

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'Sneakerheads' rush for shoes for cred and profit Republican 2014-Aug-17

'Sneakerheads' rush for shoes for cred and profit Republican American


They are lined up in the freezing rain, waiting patiently, stubbornly. All night. All for a few pairs of shoes.


Sean Rivera is among the 60 or so die hards on this sidewalk along Chicago's Magnificent Mile shopping district. He looks a little crazy, officialauthenticbills.com/authentic-preston-brown-jersey.html smiling and squinting through fogged glasses.


But the 28 year old college counselor doesn't care. He's used to being judged like that, used to "being criticized by peers and family members and neighbors," he says, laughing.


It's all part of the life of "sneakerheads," people who spend hundreds, even thousands of dollars on shoes, many of which carry the name of professional basketball stars, past and present.


Chicagoans proudly point out that it started here with Michael Jordan and his Nike Air Jordan brand.


Rivera figures he has about 50 pairs of sneakers at home in his closet. His parents bought him his first pair of Air Jordans when he was a toddler. He carries a picture on his cell phone of his pint sized self, wearing those very shoes. "You can see the striking resemblance," he jokes, holding the phone with the photo next to his cheek.


In the 1990s, he and many fledgling sneakerheads used to scrape together whatever money they had and then cut class to go buy the latest pair of Jordans. Back then, news reports occasionally surfaced, telling of people who were mugged for their shoes.


Today, that fervor is growing again, fueled by online social networking, and by shoemakers such as Nike that now often limit the number of pairs they release to generate more interest.


Jesus Estrella, a blogger who has become a self made sneaker guru on YouTube, filmed one recent melee outside a mall in Orlando, Fla.


"This shoe game officially has gone bananas," Estrella, who is known as "JStar" in the sneakerhead community, said as he watched police arrive and then begin sending people home.


That riot and similar ones in other cities were so raucous that some stores postponed their release of new shoes. The most sought after that night was the Nike "Galaxy Foamposite," a $225 pair of shoes made popular by former NBA player Penny Hardaway.


You don't always know which shoe is going to be "the shoe" of the ones that are released, Estrella says.


But often, the shoes that go the quickest are those that are "reissued" new versions of old standards, including Air Jordans and the Nike "Mag" sneakers worn by the character Marty McFly in the movie "Back to the Future."


Consignment shops and online auctions have seen some of those shoes resell for thousands of dollars, while others sit on shelves longer and sell for less. A pair of original Air Jordans in good condition bought by the most serious collectors can sell today for $4,000 to $5,000. "Back to the Future" Mags, originally released to raise money for the Michael J. Fox Foundation and Parkinson's research, go for that much, or more.


Meanwhile, Rivera recently sold a pair of LeBron James "South Beach" Nikes, which he bought for $170 in late 2010, for $900.


"People try to finance their (shoe) habit," says LaVelle "V DOT" Sykes, who owns a Chicago shop called Overtime, where he and his staff sell sneakers on consignment.


"They'll say, I'm going to 'rock' one pair and sell two," he says, referring to people who wear one pair and try to find buyers for the others.


"You see moms, pops, aunties, all kinds of people, across all color lines."


Often, though, sneakerheads are young men in their teens, 20s and 30s, many of whom now use the Internet to show off their "kicks," as they call their shoes.


And companies are using that instant, word of mouth communication to their benefit, marketing experts say.


"When I started in this business back in the '60s, there was no such thing as a blogger," says Michael Carberry, a former advertising executive who is now a marketing professor at American University in Washington.


Now, he says, bloggers are a key advertising component: "They talk it up: 'Did you hear about the new Nike that's coming out? You gotta be there."'


Limiting the supply a tactic sometimes called "artificial scarcity" also fuels the demand in an age when young people are bombarded with products and looking for ways to stand out.


"It's harder and harder to make yourself different and distinct. Everybody has access to the same stuff," says Gary Rudman, president of California based GTR Consulting, which tracks the habits of young people.


"They're constantly trying to update the brand called Me."'


They do it with anything from clothes to electronic devices or even video game skills. For sneakerheads, it's all about showing off your shoes to gain credibility with your peers, he says.


Dina Mayzlin, an associate professor of marketing at Yale University, refers to this dynamic as "social signaling" associating yourself with a hard to get brand to build status.


So companies are, in turn, limiting access to a product or service to create a buzz and reputation of coolness.


She and her colleagues have, for Ross Cockrell Kids Jersey instance, studied Google and Spotify, an online music service both of which have initially made some services available to consumers by invitation only.

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No Headline Provided Local News Niagara Gazette2014-Aug-17

No Headline Provided Local News Niagara Gazette


Four charged at DWI checkpointNew York state troopers and the Niagara County Sheriff's Office conducted a DWI checkpoint on River Road in Saturday, netting four arrests. Jackson K. Smith, 30, 739 N. French Road, Amherst, for DWI, driving while ability impaired by drugs and unlawful possession of marihuana. Smith refused a breath test. Justin D. Wood, 31, 186 Highland Ave., Town of Tonawanda, for DWI. Wood's blood alcohol content was measured at 0.10 percent. Dennis M. Roell, 38, 245 Hyde Park Blvd., Niagara Falls, for DWI. Roell's blood alcohol content was measured at 0.12 percent. Jonathan M. Crane, 22, 2450 Linwood Ave., Niagara Falls, for unlawful possession of marijuana.All four suspects are due next week in Town Court. BURGLARY:A Lockport Road resident told Niagara County Sheriff's deputies that someone broke into their home between June 10 and 17. In addition, $1000 was taken from a purse that was on a chair in the bedroom. THEFT:Sheriff's deputies were Cyrus Kouandjio Womens Jersey called to Errick Road Elementary School on Thursday for a reportedburglary. School staff said someone entered a room by damaging a window screen and took a $200 15 inch computermonitor. The deputy noted thatCSI officers located several latent prints throughout the classroom. THEFT:A Sunset Island resident told sheriff's deputies that someone took a $2,000 boat motor from his boat that was stored in a storage facility. The victim said he saw the motor on his boat Tuesday but when he returned Thursday, it was gone.CIty of Lockport MENACING:Kevin M. Schojan, 48, 17 Blum Avenue, Buffalo, was charged Saturday with third degree menacing, second degree criminal trespass and unlawful possession of marijuana after Lockport Police responded to a reported unwanted person at a Genesee Street residence. According to the report, the victim told police that Schojan was following her around and had entered her apartment despite repeated requests to stop. She yelled at him multiple times to leave but he just stared at her. Schojan left after a neighbor arrived. Police located Schojan, highly intoxicated, in a nearby apartment. BURGLARY: A Vandervoort Street man called police to report a burglary at his home, which Sammy Watkins Kids Jersey had taken place sometime between June 15 and Monday. Stolen was a 32 inch television, PlayStation and XBox game systems, several games and a pair of Air Jordan sneakers. The total value of the missing items was estimated at $2,970.PROTEST: Residents brave cold to decry school board inaction on voting machines.An old fashioned civil rights protest was held in bone chilling temperatures Friday to draw attention to the school board's inaction of restoring voting booths to more areas of the city.The group, which included several pastors, politicians and residents, had gathered to bring attention to the tabling of an action to increase voting districts in the city at the previous night's school board meeting.

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Michael Jordan shoes auctioned for2014-Aug-17

Michael Jordan shoes auctioned for


SALT LAKE CITY (AP) Michael Jordan's shoes from the famous flu game of the 1997 NBA finals were sold for more than $100,000 in an online auction Thursday.


The Nike Air Jordan XII shoes were owned by a Utah Jazz ball boy who befriended Jordan when the Chicago Bulls visited Salt Lake City. Jordan was officialauthenticsaints.com/authentic-ronald-powell-jersey.html playing with what he thought was the flu, but still led the Bulls to a key victory in the NBA Finals.


Preston Truman has said he asked for Jordan's shoes after the game. He kept them locked in a safe deposit box at a Utah bank for 15 years. He turned down an $11,000 offer for the size 13 shoes from a collector the next season. The collector wasn't identified.


Truman was ''thrilled'' and ''really happy with the overall number,'' Russek said Thursday. ''He has no crazy plans other than paying off his college tuition.''


Russek called it ''the most expensive pair of game used footwear that anyone has ever sold. It just smashed the record.''


Grey Flannel previously sold a pair of game used rookie Air Jordans for $21,780 that also had been used by Jordan. More recently, another auction house sold a pair of shoes Jordan wore in his rookie season for $31,070, Russek said.


A message relayed by the auction house to Truman wasn't immediately returned Thursday.


Truman befriended Jordan by fetching him his favorite pre game snack, the former ball boy told The Salt Lake Tribune last month.


It started with a challenge from Jordan: ''There will be no autographs for ball boys after the game if I don't get my applesauce.'''


With 45 minutes until tipoff in an early season 1996 game, Truman dashed through the Salt Lake City arena looking for applesauce. He finally secured an industrial sized container from a commissary. Jordan was grinning: ''You came through,'' he told Truman.


When the Chicago Bulls came back for the finals months later, Truman had more applesauce waiting for Jordan along with a bold request: ''Are you doing anything with your shoes after the game?''


Jordan looked him in the eye and said, ''Why, you want them?'' Truman said he would be honored.


After leading the Bulls to a critical victory, scoring 38 points despite having to be helped on and off the court by teammates, Jordan gave the red and black shoes to officialauthenticsaints.com/authentic-tavon-rooks-jersey.html Truman.

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